Brother PE540D Review: 4×4 Embroidery Machine

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On the hunt for an embroidery machine with Disney characters built-in? Brother is a great brand to start with because they are consistent with the top-notch performance, and quality of their products.

Many designers, seamstresses, and embroidery hobbyists have trusted the brand, so their machines are worth a try. In case you need an embroidery machine that has Disney designs, the company has one for you. We’ve taken a close look at the Brother PE540D: review to follow.

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Features of the Brother PE540D

  • Constructed from durable plastic and metal materials
  • Comes in a white color with a glossy finish
  • Includes 35 built-in Disney character designs, 70 built-in ornamental designs, 5 monogramming/lettering fonts and 120 frame pattern combinations
  • Features sizable 4-inch x 4-inch embroidery area
  • Features 1.4-inch x 2.7-inch backlit LCD touch screen panel
  • Includes needle-threader
  • Features personal computer connectivity for importing and downloading designs from sites like

Advantages of the Brother PE540D

One feature that I have singled out on the Brother PE540D is the broad selection of built-in designs.

It includes 35 Disney characters from the likes of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, all the way to Donald Duck. It also includes extras like 120 frame pattern combos, 5 fonts for monogramming or lettering, and various decorative designs.

You can also connect the machine to your computer by way of its USB cables. This feature allows users to import extra designs online or get software updates.

It will also bring you to sites like if you want more styles. There are thousands of designs in the site’s inventory; you will not have a hard time finding styles that you need. In fact, you will have a hard time deciding what you want because of the vast amount of choices.

The model also allows users to import designs from other sites (3rd party), but remember that the unit only allows designs that are .PES in format.

Work comes easier by means of the unit’s backlit LCD panel where you will get to see not only the unit’s built-in designs, but read and study tutorials as well.

The touch screen LCD display features a brightly-lit LED to make your workspace more visible. The menu options can be accessed easily by means of its sensitive touch screen function. You can also use the stylus pen included in the package.

This is a machine that will cater well to the beginning embroiderer because it is pretty easy to use. In addition, it also includes a helpful guide onscreen, and this guide is available in a number of languages.

The unit also provides a bigger workspace at 4” x 4”so you can work on items like school bags or clothing. Other than that, the machine includes a needle threader which users can access with a single press to make it work.

It is capable of making 400 stitches each minute so you can finish designs faster, and its pattern revolving options let users stitch their designs at a variety of angles.


The machine is solely focused on embroidery, not sewing. Also if you need something that will accommodate bigger designs, this model can only take in 4” x 4” dimensions.

You might have to find a better embroidery machine for other jobs. In addition, the machine has limited built-in memory.

Wrapping up the Brother PE540D Review

You might want to measure the model against other Brother embroidery machine models with the same features. If you are going for a more budget-conscious decision, then you might be well-suited for the SE400. See the Brother SE400 Review.

However, if you are after those Disney designs, then the Brother PE540D is right up your alley. Buying a model with a different selection of designs will only add more expenses since you will have to buy Disney designs separately. The Disney designs alone are a great selling point.